Borax for Mold Removal

Borax for Mold Removal. Borax is a natural mineral that eliminates and inhibits the growth of new mold in your home. Unlike harsh cleansers, borax does not emit fumes or chemicals and is easy to use.


Borax is a powdery mineral. According to, most borax in the United States comes from Boron, CA, near Death Valley. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to find in most supermarket laundry aisles.


Borax naturally has a pH level of around 9.5, and this high pH makes it an excellent fungicide. Mix borax with water, 1-to-2 cups per gallon of water. Using a brush or scrubber sponge, work borax solution into the area of mold growth and scrub well. Wipe excess water and any mold debris from the area and allow the work area to air dry. The residual borax, with its high pH, will inhibit new mold growth.


Borax, despite being a natural product, is toxic. While it does take a large quantity to cause harm, take care using this product around pets and small children. Do not use around food and food preparation areas. When working with borax, use rubber gloves, as it can cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals.


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