How to Install a Towel Rack in Drywall

How to Install a Towel Rack in Drywall. Towel racks provide a place to air out wet towels, which weigh more than dry towels, meaning the towel rack must be anchored into the drywall securely. Ideally, you should anchor the towel rack into the wall studs, but depending on the size of the towel rack and what wall space you have available to mount the towel rack, that may not be an option. Hollow wall anchors provide a sturdy anchor when a stud is not available, helping ensure the towel rack does not fall down later.

A towel rack must be anchored securely in the drywall so it can support the extra weight of wet towels.

Things Needed

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Hollow wall anchors
  • Screwdriver

Step 1

Hold the towel rack up to the area where you wish to install it. Have a second person place a level on the top of the towel bar to ensure it sits level. Mark the positions of the towel rack's screw holes on both ends.

Step 2

Make pilot holes in the wall where you marked with your pencil, using a drill with a quarter-inch bit. Insert hollow wall anchors into the holes that do not penetrate wall studs, pushing the wall anchors in so they sit flush with the wall.

Step 3

Hold the towel rack back up to the wall so the holes in the rack line up with the holes in the wall. Drive screws through all of the holes until the screw heads sit flush with the towel rack.


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