How to Lay a Decorative Throw over a Couch

How to Lay a Decorative Throw over a Couch. You'll get a lot of bang for your buck when purchasing a throw blanket for your couch because it'll provide a warm as well as decorative touch to the furniture item. Decorative throw blankets are available in a wide range of styles and materials and will give a room everything from a elegant to a rustic look. Choose a throw to coordinate with a particular home decor theme or holiday color scheme as a personalized touch.

Drape a throw over the back of a couch.

Step 1

Choose a throw blanket to accent your couch. Pick a vibrantly hued or patterned throw, such as a red floral print, to decorate a neutral-colored couch. Go for an elegant style with an elegant tone-on-tone look, such as a cream cashmere blanket on a cream-upholstered couch.

Step 2

Fold the throw blanket so you can drape it neatly over the couch. Fold a large throw width-wise and place it over the back of a three-seat couch so that it hangs evenly over both sides.

Step 3

Fold a large throw length-wise if you have a two-seat couch or love seat. Drape the folded throw over one arm and down the back of the couch, being careful not to let it touch the ground. Place it down the center of the couch, over the cushions and down the back, as an additional option.

Step 4

Lay a small throw over the back of a couch without folding. Fold it in half length-wise and drape it over one couch arm as an another idea.


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