How to Decorate a Bungalow Window

How to Decorate a Bungalow Window. The bungalow style house, which emerged in the early 1900s as a synthesis of several architectural movements of the time, is a one-story house with a low-pitched roof, unfinished basement, finished or renovated attic space and lots of windows. Early bungalows usually had outdoor chimneys made of brick or cobblestones. The many windows gave the homey bungalow an open air feel. The bungalow is part of the Craftsman architectural style, which emphasizes simplicity, clean lines and artisanship. The simple beauty of natural light is key to decorating the windows of a bungalow style house.

The bungalow is built in the Craftsman architectural style.

Things Needed

  • Art glass or stained glass window panes
  • Window blinds
  • Curtain rods
  • Valances
  • Sheer window panels

Step 1

Take an inventory of your bungalow’s windows and plan to decorate the windows based on location and size. Bungalows often have windows of different sizes and shapes, including bay windows or small multipaned accent windows that add architectural interest.

Step 2

Leave smaller accent windows bare and allow the clean, glass panes to accent the house inside and outside.

Step 3

Replace upper window panes of larger casement windows with art or stained glass panes. Arts and craft style stained glass is a popular addition to bungalow windows.

Step 4

Add art glass panes to the bottom panes of windows. Use window blinds lowered to the top of the stained glass panes for privacy. You have many types of blinds to choose from, including modern mini-blinds, plantation shutters and roll-up blinds.

Step 5

Alter the size or appearance of window panes by attaching wood frames to large window panes. Wood frames can give the top pane a multipaned appearance while leaving the bottom pane as one large expanse of glass.

Step 6

Make valances from narrow, solid-color strips of fabric for the windows in rooms where you want a little color and texture at the windows. You can hang valances so they do not show from the outside of the home, if you prefer.

Step 7

Hang black or brown fabric roll-up blinds at the windows. Roll the blinds up far enough to clear the window panes during the day for light.

Step 8

Use plain white sheers positioned at the middle of window frames with the bottoms of the curtains resting just at the window sill. This choice provides a little privacy while maintaining the light and airy feel.


  • Some bungalows, such as the Chicago style bungalow, have front windows that resemble bay windows. Decorate these square or octagonal windows using the same simple styles as any other bungalow — art glass windows, bare windows or sparse decorating accents — or hang valances and panels for more of a cottage feel.


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