What Can You Put on Top of Sagging Mattress Before You Get New One?

What Can You Put on Top of Sagging Mattress Before You Get New One?. Sagging mattresses can make your night generally uncomfortable, since the mattress does not provide a suitable support for your back. You may notice that you feel more rested after spending the night at a hotel. All mattresses sag over time, and the mattress is normally not considered defective until it sags 1 to 1.5 inches. When it sags past this point, you may be able to have it replaced, if the mattress is under a warranty. If not, you will need to buy a new mattress, unless you can find something to fill in the sagging part.

Mattresses can eventually lose their support.

Things Needed

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Memory foam

Step 1

Lay blankets over the sagging part of the mattress to support your body until you buy a new mattress. Fold the blankets and lay them over the sagging part. Alternatively, place the blankets between the mattress and the box spring to provide added support.

Step 2

Find a flat pillow and place it on top of the sagging part. Placing the pillow under the sheets will hold the pillow in place. When the pillow is not enough to fill in the sag, place another pillow on top of it or find a pillow that is not as flat.

Step 3

Buy a memory foam pad. They usually come rolled up and can be unrolled and placed over the sagging part of the mattress. Place the sheets over the memory foam to hold it into place. However, the foam sometimes retains heat, which can be uncomfortable.


  • The mattress may sag because the box spring is broken, making the springs less bouncy and causing the box spring to creak. Fixing the box spring may cause the mattress to not sag.
  • If the mattress can be flipped, flip the mattress on the other side. Your body will gradually flatten out the mattress. Eventually, the mattress will sag in the other direction, so you should flip it again.
  • While not placed over the sag, placing a support bladder under the mattress provides support. The support bladder fills with air, but may develop holes over time, causing it to leak out air and effectiveness.


  • When buying a mattress, do not focus on the padding. The padding is most expensive part of the mattress and can make the mattress sag more, since there is more material for the body to sag into.


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