How to Arrange the Setup in a Small New Bathroom

How to Arrange the Setup in a Small New Bathroom. The best way to overcome the limitations of a small bathroom is with a large imagination. Fitting all of the essential elements needed for comfort, functionality and proper storage doesn't need to be a challenge to your wallet, either. Whether you are redecorating alongside existing fixtures or remodeling entirely, arranging the setup in a small new bathroom requires just a few simple decisions that will maximize the little space you have to work with regardless of the size of your budget.

Small bathrooms don't need to feel that way if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Step 1

Pick the right color for your bathroom. Think bright and delicate to give the appearance of space. Anything too dark or vivid tends to feel constrictive. Patterns are too busy and will add a claustrophobic effect to the room. Use muted and passive tones, as well as neutral wood tones, to make the room appear bigger than it is.

Step 2

Design a lighting scheme that will help bring out the potential of your small bathroom. The brighter the room is, the larger it will appear. Consider the surfaces of your fixtures and how they reflect light as well. Tile, glass, chrome, stainless steel and anything else that shines with a gloss finish will enhance the brightness of the room. A dark bathroom only embellishes the restrictive features of the confined space.

Step 3

Install a large mirror to open up the room and trick the eye into thinking the interior is much more spacious than it really is. The mirror will also help make use of reflective light. Two mirrors facing one another may also achieve the illusion with even greater success.

Step 4

Save space by utilizing the corners of the room effectively. Keep floor space open by installing the sink, the toilet, the tub or all three in the corners of the room. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may opt for a shower instead of a tub because they can be narrow. Instead of floor cabinets, install wall shelves for towels and other necessities.

Step 5

Choose your furniture and fixtures wisely to maximize storage space. Skip the pedestal sink and install one with a vanity underneath instead for toiletries and supplies. Mount wall cabinets and shelves that complement your room design for additional storage space. Door hooks can help you make use of every possible wall space in the room.


  • Never opt for storing anything on the floor in plain view of guests, as this will make the bathroom feel cluttered and stuffy.


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