How to Convert a Galley Kitchen Into an Open Space Kitchen

How to Convert a Galley Kitchen Into an Open Space Kitchen. By removing the upper wall cabinets and upper wall material on one side of a galley kitchen, you can enlarge the look of the space. A galley kitchen is composed of two parallel counters with cabinets, the sink and appliances fitting along these two counters. You will need to ensure the remodel looks appropriate from every angle, because an open galley kitchen will be visible from adjacent rooms or hallways.

Taking down upper walls and cabinets opens this galley kitchen.

Things Needed

  • New base cabinets
  • Appliances
  • Hanging lights
  • Wall tiles
  • Bar stools
  • Floor tiles
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Appliance garages

Step 1

Examine the wall you will remove, and make sure it is non-load bearing for a DIY project. Look for ways to reroute electrical wiring or plumbing, if needed. Plan to take down cabinets and wall materials, so you can look directly into an adjacent family room, for instance. Leave base cabinets on that wall in place, if the cabinets are relatively new. Purchase custom-made base cabinets 30 inches in depth to add more storage space. Use deeper base cabinets to store items removed from upper cabinets.

Step 2

Plan the remodel around storage cabinets and countertops. Fit appliances, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher and stovetop around cabinet space. Create a work triangle from the sink space. Figure out how to place the stove and refrigerator just a few feet from the sink, so you do most of the cooking and cleanup within a triangular pattern of steps.

Step 3

Take down upper wall cabinets very carefully. Pry them loose gently, so you can recycle them in another area of the house. Use them in a garage space, laundry room or home office.

Step 4

Plan the lighting and counter space to look appropriate from adjacent areas. Install a hanging light every few feet across the counter facing into a family room, for example. Install new countertop material that has an 18-inch overhang, so you can turn the counter into an eating bar with stools on the family room side. Use tile to cover the side of the base cabinets you will see from the adjacent room.

Step 5

Redo the galley kitchen floor, if needed. Install tile that looks harmonious with flooring in the adjacent space. Add new tile or hardwood flooring in the kitchen and a family room in one color and design for both areas, as another choice.

Step 6

Add appliance garages along the wall you don’t take down. Install the appliance coverings, often made of wood or metal, so that the toaster and other clutter will be well hidden when you look into the room from the adjacent room, for example. Ensure that the cabinets and appliances garages look seamless in terms of color and materials.


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