How to Create a Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List

How to Create a Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List. Cooking is a time-consuming part of any schedule. Deciding what to cook is among the most frustrating parts of the cooking process. Rummaging through the cabinets an hour before dinnertime to find something to cook is inefficient and leads to unhealthy food choices, such as opting for fast food. Planning meals ahead of time and grocery shopping with that plan in mind, makes mealtimes much less frustrating and time consuming.

Things Needed

  • Calendar
  • Cookbooks
  • Sales flyers
  • Paper
  • Sticky notes

Step 1

Gather your calendar, cookbooks and local sales flyers to begin the planning process. Use the local sales flyers, to plan your meals around sales to save money. If you prefer certain cooking styles, for example lower calorie foods, get a cookbook that caters to that type of cooking.

Step 2

Write the meal you wish to have for the corresponding day on the calendar. At the same time, make note of any ingredients you need on a separate sheet of paper, and mark the page in your cookbook with a sticky note. Write the date you plan to serve the dish on the sticky note. This allows you to cross-reference the sticky with your calendar to find the correct recipes quickly.

Step 3

Take the list of ingredients you wrote and add any other items you need. Take that list to the store and purchase the groceries you need. Shop once per week, although occasional trips for items like bread and milk may still be necessary. If you shop at the same store on a regular basis, you can organize your shopping list in the same order as the aisles appear in the store. This can save you time once you arrive at the store.


  • You can use an online calendar and configure it to email each day's meal plan to you every morning.


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