How Can I Fix My Frigidaire Clothes Dryer?

How Can I Fix My Frigidaire Clothes Dryer?. A nonworking dryer can clog up your laundry cycle, frustrate you to no end and, at worst, damage your clothes. There are several ways to troubleshoot a faulty dryer. Depending on your problem, you can fix it at home.

How Can I Fix My Frigidaire Clothes Dryer?

Step 1

Several common problems will stop a Frigidaire dryer from working. Some of these frequent issues are: blowing only cold air, clogged vent and unnatural humming or buzzing noises. If you can accurately find the source of the issue, you'll have a better chance of repairing it and preventing it from happening again.

Step 2

Determine if the problem is related to venting. Many problems arise from clogged vents after a long period of usage. First, check the lint net to make sure it is clean and clear of debris. Next, dismantle the dryer exhaust vent. If it is clogged or badly damaged, it will need to be replaced. If you have a plastic duct for a vent, you'll want to change it to a metal-cased one; the plastic ones can be flammable.

Step 3

Determine if the problem is cold air being used to dry clothes. If heat is not being generated, you will probably have to replace the heat coils that act as the drying agent. To access these coils, consult your owner's manual, but they are generally located in the front panel of the dryer.

Step 4

Find out if the dryer runs at all. Often, dryer power cords will corrode and disintegrate, causing the entire machine to malfunction. Check all cords leading to the dryer and into the wall for signs of wear and tear. Often these will occur near the power cord leading into the dryer unit. If you find they're burned, they'll need to be replaced and placed at a new location to prevent this from occurring again.