How to Make Wooden Shutters for Windows

How to Make Wooden Shutters for Windows. Learn how to make a variety of wooden shutters.

Wooden Shutters

Things Needed

  • differs for each project
  • wood
  • rotary tool
  • cutting and sanding bits
  • nails or wood glue
  • latch of your choice
  • at least four hinges, six for large projects

Step 1

First, decide whether you want shutters with slats that do not open or shutters with boards (western style), look at diagram 2 for example of slats or diagram 4 for example of boards. If you choose shutters with boards go to step two, for slats that do not open go to step three.

Step 2

Boards: Refer to Diagram 4. You will need to measure your window area and get boards 1/2" thick. To determine the width of the back board, (refer to letter A in the diagram), Measure how wide you want your shutters to be total and divide by the number of boards you would like in the shutters combined. Example: area width is 3 feet or 36", I want 3 boards in each shutter so that is 6 boards total. 36 divided by 6 is 6" so I would want 6" width boards. To determine the length of the back boards, (refer to letter C), measure the hieght of the window or area you want the shutter to cover. To determine the width of the front boards, (refer to letter B), a good rule of thumb is to minus two inches from the width of the back boards. However, you can always go with what looks best to you. Start by cutting the boards to the height of your window. Using either waterproof glue or Dowel joints, join the back boards together, side by side. Next, cut the front boards, (refer to letter B in diagram, by the width of one shutter, (refer to letter D in diagram). Attach the front boards with 6 nails each, two on each end and two in the center, or waterproof glue and clamps. Measure the width of the front board from the top and bottom of the shutter, attach the top and bottom front boards to that position. Attach the middle front board in the center, as shown in the diagram. Sand the edges of the shutters or stress them and stain them for a unique look. Attach the shutter with the appropriate hinge.

Step 3

Shutters with unmoving slats: Refer to Diagram 1 and Diagram 2. First you will need to measure the height and width of the window or area your shutter will cover. Divide the width by two to determine the size of each shutter. You should then cut the pieces of wood for the frame of the shutters, the thickness, (refer to T in diagram 1), should be at least 1-1/2". The frame should have three boards of the same width with the bottom board on the frame twice as thick as the sides. Do not attach the frame yet! You should cut the joints that will be used to attach the frame together using either bridle, Butt, or tenon and mortise joints. Next determine the length of the slats by measuring the inside of the frame, (refer to F in diagram 2), and adding 1/2" to that measurement. Then you will want to pick out the width of your slats, (refer to D in diagram 2), make sure they will fit into the thickness of your frame. Also, determine the slat thickness you desire. Common slats are thin. You can buy thin flat boards and round off the side edges to make a nice finished look. Determine how far appart you want the slats, (refer to A in diagram 1), and how open you want them to be (refer to C in diagram 2). Place the top angle of the first one on the top back side of the frame. With a pencil, trace around each end of each slat on the inside of the frame, (refer to B in diagram 1). Take your rotary tool, (ie: dremil), and using a cutting tool, cut on the inside of each trace to the depth of 1/4". Knock out the center and carefully sand smooth (do not over sand and make the hole wider than it should be). Stain the slats and inside portion of the frame and let dry before placing the slats in the grooves of the frame. Attach the top and bottom pieces of the frame and finish staining. Attach the shutters to the window using the appropriate hinges.