How to Compare Tempur-Pedic, Select Comfort, Dux & Sovn Beds

How to Compare Tempur-Pedic, Select Comfort, Dux & Sovn Beds. While searching for a high-end bed that meets your needs of comfort, durability and quality, it is important to understand you and your significant other's sleep habits to find the right mattress. The best beds are those that can be customized to suit your individual needs. Tempur-Pedic and Select Comfort are two popular brands that offer high levels of comfort and support with a higher price tag than standard mattresses. In the search for the best mattress, the number of coils and temperature control are also features to consider. Dux and Sovn are European companies that manufacture luxury mattresses with handmade coils and additional layers that eliminate the need to flip your mattress.

Step 1

Compare each brand's level of support. Sovn's mattresses have 2,740 coils to support your body and relieve pressure points for improved sleep. The more coils a mattress has, the better your body will be supported. The Magnolia and Willow models have high contouring and low motion, which means you are less likely to feel your significant other move around in his sleep while you're resting. DUX beds have adjustable lumbar support on each side of the bed that allows you to individually adjust your support. This feature is useful since you will have individual areas on your body that require more or less support than your significant other. Select Comfort beds have a natural contouring with their Intralux comfort material that targets five points of your body for added support. Tempur-Pedic's mattresses have a comfort layer quilted into the cover, which relieves pressure but does not offer individual adjusting.

Step 2

Look for temperature control. It is important to have bed fabric that won't cause you to overheat or cause discomfort while sleeping. Sovn's lightweight wool lining absorbs moisture and allows air circulation, which maintains a comfortable temperature while sleeping. Select Comfort's rayon fabric allows the temperature to remain comfortable and also provides moisture with aloe vera in the material. The aloe vera keeps your skin moisturized, as fabrics like cotton can dry out your skin and hair. Tempur-Pedic has a patented AirFlow Base layer, which increases air circulation throughout the bed and improves sleep quality.

Step 3

Consider how much you want to spend on a bed. Finding the best mattress means you will most likely spend more than you would on lower-quality beds. In 2009, the luxury beds by DUX have a price range of $4,500 to $7,000, but the quality of the bed will ensure that you keep it for decades. Tempur-Pedic's beds range from $699 for the OriginalBed to $7,799 for the GrandBed. Select Comfort's top-of-the line Sleep Number Innovation mattresses cost between $2,350 and $4,750. Sovn is the next step down in price with a range of $1,600 to $3,970, depending on size and additional features.

Step 4

Find the best warranty and deals. DUX beds have a sturdy build and come with a 20-year limited warranty, as do Tempur-Pedic beds. Tempur-Pedic also offers a 90-day in-home trial, and select Comfort offers a 30-day in-home trial for prospective customers, and they will refund to you 100 percent of the cost if you are not satisfied with the product.


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