How to Build Closet Shelves & Clothes Rods

How to Build Closet Shelves & Clothes Rods. Closets are hardworking spaces that provide storage and access to clothing, shoes and accessories. For a closet to work well, it should have one or more shelves and closet rods. There are many ways to install shelves and rods, but you may want to stick with simple hardware in children's rooms or in rental homes or apartments. This type of hardware is easy to install and it is usually quite durable and sturdy.

Shelves and rods help organize your closet.

Things Needed

  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Hand saw
  • Screws
  • Power screwdriver
  • Closet rod cups
  • Closet rod brackets

Step 1

Search for the studs in your closet, using a stud finder. Draw a vertical line, using a level and a pencil to make your studs easier to find.

Step 2

Place a closet shelf and rod bracket at the height you desire and screw it into the stud close to one end wall, using long wood screws.

Step 3

Place a second closet shelf and rod bracket at the other end of the closet over the stud line near the wall. Place your level between the brackets to make sure they are level. Screw the second bracket into the stud, using long wood screws and a power screwdriver. If your closet is wide, you may need a third bracket between the other two. Again, screw it into a stud.

Step 4

Cut a closet rod 3/8 inch less than the width of the closet, using a hand saw. Place the closet rod across the rod curve of the bracket. Position a fixed cup on one end of the closet rod. Remove the rod and screw the cup to the wall, using a drywall screw. Place the rod back on the bracket and tight into the cup.

Step 5

Slide the open end cup over the rod. Move the rod to the side and screw the second cup into place. Slide the rod into the open end cup. Screw small wood screws through each cup into the rod and through the bottom of the bracket into the rod. This will secure the rod in place.

Step 6

Measure and cut the shelf board and screw it to the bracket with small wood screws through the bottom side of the bracket into the shelf. You do not want the screws to penetrate the top of the shelf.


  • Mount additional brackets for additional shelves and rods.


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