How to Design Patterns With Ceramic Tile on Bathroom Walls

How to Design Patterns With Ceramic Tile on Bathroom Walls. Wall tile is a key element to bathroom design. Tile can be decorative, or utilitarian, sealing out moisture and water from the walls. If you choose to tile the walls of your shower or bathroom, you may not wish to simply install the tiles in one, simple up-and-down pattern. If this is the case, and you wish to install the tiles in a more decorative manner, lay out your design ahead of time in a dry-fit layout.

Lay out wall tile patterns before you install them.

Things Needed

  • Measuring tape
  • Wall tiles

Step 1

Measure the wall to be tiled. Measure both the top and bottom as well as the two sides, as walls may not be square and this can effect your final outcome.

Step 2

Mark off an area of equal size to the wall measured on a flat surface such as a floor or worktable. This area is where you will place the tiles without mortar to determine your wall tile pattern.

Step 3

Lay the first tile in what will become the bottom, center of the wall. This will give the wall a balanced installation. You can lay this tile on point for a diagonal installation, or lay the tiles above it in an offset pattern or running-bond pattern. Whichever pattern you finally decide on, you will lay the tiles out to each side equally so that your pattern doesn't seem to be moving into one section of the wall, and stays balanced in the middle.

Step 4

Move the tiles around in the space to help you determine the final layout. You can lay the tiles in one direction half-way up the wall and then change the pattern, such as straight tiles on the bottom and diagonal on the top. You can also use borders, chair-rail tiles and mosaic tiles to form a picture framed effect with a different pattern in the center.

Step 5

Pay attention to grout joints and make sure all of your lines stay straight. If the tiles look like they are moving out of straight lines, open up the grout joint a little larger to absorb variations in the sizes of the tiles.

Step 6

Make all of your tile cuts at this time, and place the cut tiles back into the dry-layout with the full tiles to double-check your pattern and ensure this is what you want before you install the tiles on the wall.


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