How to Repair a Karcher Electric Pressure Washer

How to Repair a Karcher Electric Pressure Washer. Repairing commonly repairable things on your Karcher electric pressure washer yourself is like putting money in the bank. A technician at a repair shop can cost you a premium hourly rate, to say nothing of the markup cost on parts. No matter, if it’s a simple rubber gasket on the pressure hose that needs to be replaced or a spring in a spray gun, save yourself money by buying the parts and doing the work yourself.

Things Needed

  • Cross tip screwdriver
  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Locking pliers

Pressure Hose Gasket

Step 1

Visit and locate the pressure hose gasket and any other Karcher electric pressure washer part(s) you need. Visit, locate the part(s) you need, compare the final costs to you between the two pressure washer parts sites, and obtain your parts.

Step 2

Pull out the locking slide on the trigger gun. Disconnect the pressure washer hose from the trigger gun.

Step 3

Roll or pick from its recess the remaining deteriorated rubber gasket on the small end of the pressure washer hose.

Step 4

Roll the new rubber gasket onto the small end of the pressure washer hose.

Trigger Gun Spring

Step 1

Remove the screw in the side of the gun that holds the two plastic outer parts of the gun together. Split the two plastic gun handle parts apart.

Step 2

Remove the closing screw from atop the trigger gun manifold. Remove the gasket beneath it, if it didn’t come up with the closing screw.

Step 3

Pull the helical spring from the trigger gun manifold. Replace it with the new spring.


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