Homemade Wine Cork Trivets

Homemade Wine Cork Trivets. A homemade trivet made of leftover wine corks provides an elegant highlight to your dining room decor, and is a great way to put old corks to practical use. Since there is practically no limit to the shapes and patterns in which you can arrange the corks, these trivets are also a great outlet for your creativity and personal style. Whether you're making one for your own use or as a gift for a wine enthusiast, remember that half the fun lies in the process of acquiring the corks.

Arrange the corks in tight patterns for greater stability.

Things Needed

  • Hot glue gun
  • Several dozen corks

Step 1

Lay the corks out in the pattern you want the trivet to have. Before you start gluing, make sure they form an even surface and cover enough area to make the size of trivet you want.

Step 2

Glue together two corks that are touching. Apply glue to as great an area of contact as possible without letting the glue show on the side that will face up when you use the trivet.

Step 3

Following the pattern you laid out, keep adding corks one at a time until the pattern is finished. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before you move or use the trivet.


  • Arrange the corks in tight formations to increase the stability of the trivet. If you plan to use a pattern with open spaces, you may want to glue the corks to a base of thin wood to make sure it can support its own weight.
  • Experiment with different patterns. You can arrange the corks in rows, zigzags, whorls, or even on their ends.
  • Sort the corks into dark and light to allow even more variety and impact in your designs.


  • Always use caution when working with hot glue to avoid burns or injury. Follow the glue gun manufacturer's instructions carefully.
  • Cover your work surface with old newspaper to protect it from drips of glue.


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