How to Disassemble a Whirlpool Top Loader

How to Disassemble a Whirlpool Top Loader. You will need to disassemble a Whirlpool top loader when something is wrong that needs troubleshooting or to be repaired. There is no need to call a repair man to disassemble the machine for you. It is a do-it-yourself task that only requires two screwdrivers. If done properly, your top loader can be disassembled in 20 minutes.

You will need two screwdrivers to disassemble a top loader.

Things Needed

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step 1

Unplug the washing machine from the wall. Turn the water valve to shut off the hot and cold water running to the washing machine.

Step 2

Locate the trim on both sides and remove it from the console. It has two pieces. Press down with both hands on each side of the console to disengage the trim and pull each piece off.

Step 3

Remove each screw under each end cap with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4

Place a hand on each end of the console and pull it forward, then up. This will remove the tabs from the holes in the top of the washing machine that hold the console in place.

Step 5

Flip the console over while holding it up and lay it back, allowing it to rest on the hinges attached.

Step 6

Pull the harness plug from its white connector located on the top of the washing machine in the center where the console was.

Step 7

Detach the washing machine cabinet. Place a flathead screwdriver into the edge of the clip located on both sides of the washing machine. The clips are beside the holes the console tabs were removed from. Pry the clips back with the screwdriver until they are released from the holes in the washing machine cabinet.

Step 8

Remove both clips from their slots. Slide each clip down and out with your fingers toward the top console.

Step 9

Open the lid on the washing machine and grab the front of the cabinet opening at the same time.

Step 10

Pull both the cabinet opening and the lid toward you. This tilts the top of the washing machine cabinet and allows the back slots of the cabinet to be released from the tabs holding it in place.

Step 11

Support the washing machine cabinet with your leg or body and pull it up and out of the base of the washing machine. This will release the cabinet from the slots in the front of the base and allow you to remove the cabinet completely.

Step 12

Close the lid after setting the washing machine cabinet aside.


  • Don't let the back of the cabinet hit the vacuum break when tilting it.
  • To prevent injury, ask for assistance in removing the cabinet if you feel it is too heavy to move by yourself.


  • Repair Ave.: Whirlpool Washer Repair