How to Cut Steel With a Circular Saw

How to Cut Steel With a Circular Saw. Circular saws are the tools most often used for cutting steel. They vary greatly in size, dependent on the size of steel sheet and type of cut required and can be mounted or hand held. A circular saw is made up of a disk shape with a serrated edge powered by a motor which enables the disk to spin at high speeds. Modern circular saws allow users to cut straight and relatively accurate steel sheets with little or no prior knowledge. Cutting steel with a circular saw is relatively easy, however experience is needed to optimize precision and efficiency.

A circular saw is not a difficult tool to use, but it does require some skill to produce a quality product.

Things Needed

  • Sheet of Metal
  • Vise
  • Circular Saw

Step 1

Secure one sheet of metal into a vise. Ensure the surface area is flat and clean.

Step 2

Grip the circular saw in a secure and comfortable position on the surface of the metal sheet.

Step 3

Adjust the cutting depth to appropriate height. Securely tighten blade into position.

Step 4

Place the front edge of the blade on the metal sheet prior to starting the motor.

Step 5

Start the motor and allow the blade to reach maximum speed.

Step 6

Slowly lower the blade down onto the surface of the metal. Do not force the blade into the sheet, allow the cut to take place without too much force.

Step 7

Maintain pressure and slowly move the saw over the surface of the metal.


  • Face protection must be used while using this machinery due to potential for sparks and sharp objects flying from the cut. Ear protection must also be used. Always push away from the body in a straight direction. This ensures that if the circular saw slides off the surface of the metal, you are a distance from the potentially dangerous situation.


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