Troubleshooting a Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer

Troubleshooting a Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer. With the dryer on top of the washer, Kenmore stack washer dryers save space in the laundry room. Despite the change in how the appliances are set up, many of the problems you might encounter with stack washer dryers are similar to those you might face with traditional models.

Troubleshooting a Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer

Things Needed

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Step 1

Reduce the load size you are washing if you notice significant amounts of lint on the clothing after washing. Consider adding more detergent to the wash next time to reduce lint production.

Step 2

Rinse clothing with cold water and liquid fabric softener if the clothing from the washer is coming out wrinkled.

Step 3

Check the hot and cold water connections if the washer is not able to produce hot water. You may have the two connections mixed up. If this is the case, remove the connection hoses and switch them. Also turn the water connection valves fully to the right to ensure the valve is open and water is able to flow through.

Step 4

Open the washer or dryer and remove clothing if you hear a clanging or scraping sound inside the appliance. Look for loose change or keys that may have fallen from a pocket, as these kinds of items are often the culprit when there is a lot of noise.

Step 5

Place a level on the top of the dryer to see if the appliances are level with the floor. If either the washer or the dryer is not level, the appliances have a tendency to vibrate and cause rumbling sounds when they operate. Use a wrench or your hands to adjust the adjustable legs at the bottom of the washer.

Step 6

Make sure the exhaust vent behind the dyer is not pinched between the appliance and the wall. A pinch or a kink in this vent can restrict air flow and reduce drying ability.


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