How do I Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze & Nickel Hardware?

How do I Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze & Nickel Hardware?. Hardware is a design element that can add a personal flair to your home's interior and exterior. When deciding which accents to use, choose the correct type for the space and the purpose. For example, front door hardware is going to be different than hardware for a bathroom. The finish you choose is another consideration. A nickel doorknob might look better with your new door than the oil-rubbed bronze hardware in the rest of the room. When you decide to mix oil-rubbed bronze and nickel finishes, you have a couple options.

Deciding on how to mix hardware finishes in your home does not have to be difficult.

Step 1

Review existing hardware in the house. Choose what to keep and what to replace. Identify a style and color of finish for the hardware you will replace.

Step 2

Match all hardware in a single room. You can mix oil-rubbed bronze hardware and nickel throughout your home without blending both finishes in a single room. For example, you could install oil-rubbed bronze hardware throughout the kitchen and the nickel hardware throughout the living room.

Step 3

Mix oil-rubbed bronze and nickel hardware in a single room. Unify the contrasting finishes in rooms where there is a visual transition. For example, install outlet and light switch covers in oil rubbed bronze and ceiling fixtures in nickel. This could work well if you have crown molding to create a visual divide between the walls and the ceiling.

Step 4

Install two-tone hardware. Some companies make door hardware that is one finish on the outside and another on the inside to match your existing decor. If your exterior lighting is all done in oil-rubbed bronze, use door hardware that is oil-rubbed bronze outside but nickel inside.


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