How to Make Your Own Textured Paint Out of Drywall Mud

How to Make Your Own Textured Paint Out of Drywall Mud. If you want to repaint a room in your home or office, you have a couple of different options. You can either paint directly onto the flat surface of the drywall, producing a flat surface, or you can create a textured surface for the wall. While some paint kits come with all the ingredients to add texture to paint, you can also make your own textured paint out of drywall mud.

Make Your Own Textured Paint Out of Drywall Mud

Things Needed

  • Bucket
  • Drywall mud
  • Measuring cup
  • Mud masher or large spoon
  • Texture powder or sand
  • Paint pan
  • Paint roller
  • Paint brush

Step 1

Place a little bit of drywall mud in a bucket. Add some texture power or sand and mix in a small amount of water. Make sure that you measure all of the ingredients, so that you know how much you used of each, and combine the mud, power and water well. Plaster Wall Ceiling Solutions recommends using a mud masher to mix in the water, which helps eliminate lumps in the drywall mud.

Step 2

Spread the drywall mud mix over a small area in a lower corner of the room that you want to paint with textured paint. Make sure that the mud spreads easily, but is still thick enough that it doesn't run and dries quickly. Once you get the consistency that you want, mix up the entire batch of drywall mud texture for the room.

Step 3

Pour the drywall mud texture into a paint pan. Apply it to the walls in even rows with a paint roller, just as you would apply paint to the wall. If the mud starts to dry on the paint roller, clean the roller under running water to remove dried mud before continuing.

Step 4

Get corners and other difficult areas to reach with a paint roller with a paint brush. Again, apply the texture just as you would paint, by applying a small amount to the brush and brushing over any holes at the edges of the room.

Step 5

Allow the drywall mud texture to dry completely. Once dry, paint over the mud in any color to created a textured paint look.


  • A mud masher can be purchased at home improvement stores.
  • When cleaning a paint roller with drywall mud on it, do not let the mud run down the drain. The mud may clog pipes.
  • Always cover the floors and any items before texturing or painting the walls of a room.


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