How to Decorate a Teenager's Bedroom in Neon Colors

How to Decorate a Teenager's Bedroom in Neon Colors. As kids enter the teenage years, self expression and personal space become two important issues. Your teen's tastes may seem a bit bold for you, but you can still incorporate them into a beautifully decorated bedroom that pleases both of you. A neon color palette can be the basis for a vibrant, exciting room. While working with such bold colors may seem daunting, build the room's decor around the color scheme to create a harmonious style.

Your teen's room should reflect his or her personality and style.

Things Needed

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Paint chips
  • Fabric swatches
  • Paint
  • Painting supplies
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories

Step 1

Brainstorm with your teen to decide on the colors you want to include in the room design and take notes. A single bright shade like turquoise can make a bold statement. Combine contrasting colors like yellow and purple for a bolder look, or use funky colors like orange and green.

Step 2

Collect some paint chips and fabric swatches with your neon colors and select a neutral color to go with the bold. Incorporating a neutral will help prevent the bold colors from taking over and making the room look like a child's party venue. Hold the neutral colors against the neon to help you decide which you like best. White can provide a crisp, clean balance to neon colors, black can add drama and depth, while tans or grays can lend a bit of sophistication to the palette.

Step 3

Move everything out of the room and paint the walls. If you want the room lively, consider painting the walls a neon color, or using a pattern of neon colors on a single feature wall, such neon stripes or polka dots. If you want the room tamer, use the neutral color on the walls.

Step 4

Paint fun neon accents around the room. For example, if your wall is white or neon green, paint hanging shelves neon pink, or paint the back wall of your bookcase behind the shelves with orange and yellow vertical stripes. If you have neon aqua walls, paint the trim and doors chocolate brown or paint a tan horizontal stripe around the room.

Step 5

Purchase furniture in neutral colors or materials. This will help tone down the boldness of the room and also allow you to continue to use the furniture if your teen eventually gets tired of the neon colors. White or black laminated furniture is classic and will work well not only in a neon room, but whatever future room decor your teen might want. Wood is a great neutral material that won't detract from the room, or you can make the room a little more modernized with industrial-style bedroom furnishings made of steel or aluminum.

Step 6

Choose bedding with a mixture of textures and prints that incorporate both your neutral and neon colors, and incorporate a few more accent colors into your bedding. This will help tie the room's color scheme together. For example, if your room is neon pink and white, use a white comforter with neon pink and yellow plaid sheets, a few neon green and black throw pillows and a zebra-print bed skirt.

Step 7

Hang window treatments and select artwork and accessories that incorporate some of your additional accent colors and prints. Each accent color should be used in at least three separate places around the room, even if only a splash, to make it look intentional and coordinate the color scheme. Some great ways to incorporate accent colors is with a lamp base, wall frame, desk organizer set or your teen's own personal artwork.

Step 8

Provide your teen with an outlet for expression. Paint a large bulletin board with a neon-colored frame and neutral cork background so that your teen can pin up pictures, posters and artwork or put up a black dry-erase board with neon markers for personal notes and doodles.


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