How Do You Find Out Someone's Date of Birth?

How Do You Find Out Someone's Date of Birth?. You don't need to be a private detective to find out the date someone was born. Maybe you're planning a surprise birthday party and want to make sure you have all the details right, or maybe you're trying to estimate someone's general age. For whatever the reason, you can calculate the date someone was born in just a few minutes using the appropriate methods.

Step 1

Ask the family or friends of the person in question. If you want to find out someone's date of birth without alerting them to the fact you are trying to find this information, ask those close to them. A significant other, a parent, a sibling or other type of family member or close personal acquaintance will be able to provide you with that person's date of birth.

Step 2

Look on the person's driver's license. All state driver's licenses will contain the month, day and year of their birth printed on the face of the card. If you can get a peak at the person's license you can find all the information you need.

Step 3

Have a supervisor look up the person's date of birth on their employment records or application. If you're trying to find out the date of birth of a coworker to plan a surprise party, for example, ask a supervisor if they can look up the exact date on these original records. Only supervisors and people in management positions will have the authority to look at these types of records.

Step 4

Check the person's social networking profiles. If you know the person in question has a Facebook or MySpace profile, for example, log onto your own Facebook or MySpace profile and check theirs. There is a good chance that the person's date of birth would be listed on their social networking profile.


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