How to Repair a Whirlpool Refrigerator Freezer Water Valve

How to Repair a Whirlpool Refrigerator Freezer Water Valve. Most Whirlpool refrigerators have an automatic ice maker installed in the freezer, as well as a water fountain and ice dispenser installed in the freezer door. Whirlpool refrigerators with these features installed have a water inlet valve, located on the rear of the refrigerator. The water inlet valve regulates the flow of water into the refrigerator, then distributes the water to the water fountain and automatic ice maker. If the water valve malfunctions, unwanted water may flow through the refrigerator, which may freeze the water tubing, halting the creation of ice. If the water inlet valve malfunctions, you must replace it with a new valve.

Things Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Towels
  • Open-ended wrench

Step 1

Pull the refrigerator away from the wall so that you are able to access the bottom rear panel.

Step 2

Unplug the refrigerator's power cord and turn off the water supply valve. To turn off the valve, turn the handle clockwise until tight.

Step 3

Remove the bottom-rear panel of the refrigerator by removing the screws around the perimeter of the panel.

Step 4

Remove the water supply line from the water inlet valve, using an adjustable wrench. If possible, place a towel below the valve to catch any remaining water in the line.

Step 5

Release the dispenser and water fountain tubes from the bottom of the inlet valve by using an open-ended wrench to depress the quick-connects, located on the bottom of the valve. Pull the tubes out of the water inlet valve with the quick-connects depressed.

Step 6

Remove the solenoid wire connectors from the rear terminals on the inlet valve.

Step 7

Remove the mounting screw securing the inlet valve to the refrigerator and discard the old valve.

Step 8

Connect the new valve to the refrigerator, securing it using the mounting screw that you removed.

Step 9

Connect the two solenoid wire connectors to the rear of the water inlet valve.

Step 10

Insert the two water tubes fully into the bottom of the water valve.

Step 11

Reconnect the water supply line, and secure it using the adjustable wrench.

Step 12

Turn on the water supply valve and inspect the connections for leaks. Tighten as needed.

Step 13

Replace the rear panel of the refrigerator.

Step 14

Plug the refrigerator back into the wall outlet and push the appliance back against the wall.


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