How to Light a GE XL44

How to Light a GE XL44. The GE XL-44 (model number JGBS20BEAAD) gas range is a large combination stove and oven with features such as an electronic clock and timer. Among the features that make this oven both convenient and safe is an electronic ignition system that eliminates the need for pilot lights remaining lit, even when the oven is not in use. Use the control dial for each of the burners to light it, and then adjust the flame to cook with your XL-44. Turn the oven dial to the desired setting and it lights automatically.

Use the electric ignition system of the GE XL-44 to light your stove burner.

Step 1

Push the control dial of the burner you want to use in and turn it to the left until the indicator on top of the burner dial points to "Lite" on the dial itself. There are two burner controls for the two left burners to the left of the oven control dial on the beveled top panel of the oven, and two right burner controls to the right of the oven dial.

Step 2

Wait until you hear a click and look to see that the flame is lit.

Step 3

Turn the knob to adjust the flame size as you wish.

Step 4

Repeat for as many of the four burners as you need to use for one cooking session. Light only one burner at a time and do not disassemble or clean any of the burners while you are lighting another burner or while you hear any clicking sound.

Step 5

Turn the oven dial, which is in the center of the beveled control panel at the top of the range, to the setting you want by pointing the indicator on the dial to the appropriate mark on the panel. Allow 30 to 90 seconds for the oven to light automatically.


  • Never allow children to play with any of the dials or to use the oven without supervision.
  • Turn off the burners and call a service technician if the burner flames are not clear blue or do not increase in height when adjusted.


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