Wall Color Ideas for Dark Bedroom Furniture

Wall Color Ideas for Dark Bedroom Furniture. Chocolate or black furniture make a bold statement when used in the bedroom, as the bedroom is associated with relaxation and should be soothing rather than striking. The color used to paint your walls sets the tone for your bedroom and ideally should complement the furniture rather than conflict with the furniture's color.

Create a calming, unifying theme in your bedroom by choosing soft colors.


White is a foolproof color for the bedroom walls, as a flat white paint creates a feeling of airiness and makes the room seem larger than it is. When used with dark bedroom furniture, white brings the focus of the room on the bed and wall hangings.


A pale green for the entire room's color or for an accent wall adds a splash of color that isn't distracting as a bedroom color. Green is a popular color used in spas as it is a color associated with nature and serenity and, combined with dark furniture, creates a soothing environment ideal for sleeping.

Rich Tones

Golden tones in your bedroom add sophistication to the bedroom when paired with dark furniture and creates a feeling of warmth that is useful during those cold winter months. Select multiple color swatches at your local paint store and tape the swatches on your wall to determine the perfect fit for your furniture.


Although blue is a go-to color for children's rooms, it can also enhance the spaciousness of your bedroom when a pale blue is paired with chocolate or black bedroom furniture. Add a blue bedspread in a lighter tint to pull the room's colors together or use a white bedspread for an airy feel.


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