What Colors of Paint Go With a Brown Leather Couch?

What Colors of Paint Go With a Brown Leather Couch?. When it comes to creating a rich, masculine style for a room, a brown leather couch offers the ideal combination of warmth and ruggedness. However, this versatile piece of furniture can anchor a variety of looks. The paint color you choose for the walls around a brown leather couch can establish the decor. Many shades complement brown leather, giving you plenty of options to consider.

Brown leather couch


In a living room, study or den, you can create a strong masculine look by pairing your brown leather couch with other shades of brown. Choose a tan shade for the walls to give your room a spacious look, particularly if it's small. Add brown throw pillows a shade lighter or darker than the leather and patterned window coverings that make use of several different shades of brown. Incorporate cream or ivory accents to break up the strong brown color palette if you prefer.

Warm Shades

For a softer look, pair your brown leather sofa with warm shades to create a cozy, inviting living room or family room. Start with a gold or terra cotta color for the walls, then paint the molding and trim in a brown shade that matches the couch to tie the room together. Add rich cranberry or wine-colored accents to the room, such as throw pillows, window coverings or throw rugs. You may also include some ivory or cream-colored items to add brightness to the room, or introduce patterns that feature neutral backgrounds for a more balanced feel.


For a simple, clean look, make your brown leather sofa the centerpiece of a neutral room. White walls offer the crispest look, but cream or ivory paint works well if you prefer a softer hue. Choose tan curtains or white sheers for the windows, and look for an area rug that combines a brown color similar to the sofa with tan and white to anchor the room. If you feel like the room feels somewhat drab, add gold metallic accents to spice up its look. Gold picture frames or a gold mirror can add visual interest to the wall, while placing gold lamps on either side of the couch help draw the eye to it.

Cool Blues

Blue and brown is a classic color combination, and provides a cool, elegant look for a living room or den. Choose a mid-tone blue for the walls, such as cornflower or steel blue, so the room feels light but the color balances the dark, rich look of the brown leather couch. Incorporate bolder shades of blue as accent colors throughout the space by finding patterned items like throw pillows and rugs that contain several shades of blue. To make the room pop, add white to the color palette. In particular, white sheers can help lend a bright, airy feel to the room.