What Color Backsplash Goes With Black Granite Counter Tops?

What Color Backsplash Goes With Black Granite Counter Tops?. Black granite countertops incorporate a modern element into kitchen decor. Because of their sturdy construction and dark color, black granite countertops are a low-maintenance option for a kitchen design. To avoid unsightly watermarks and food stains on walls above your granite countertops, you can install a backsplash behind your sink and stove. Several backsplash styles complement black granite countertops.

A tile backsplash complements black granite countertops.

Red Tile

Red and black are complementary colors, so you can use red ceramic tile as a backsplash for your black granite countertops. Select a red tile color that is bright and vivid. Avoid maroon and burgundy tile that is too dark for your black countertops. Opt for 1-inch-by-1-inch tile or 4-inch-by-4-inch tile for the most eye-appealing backsplash design.

White Tile

A crisp white backsplash coordinates with black granite countertops. Black granite has specks of white stone in its composition, so white tile complements the dark countertop design. Layer the white tile in symmetrical horizontal rows above your sink or stove. For a more unusual design, install each tile with one point facing upward like a diamond shape. The result will be a backsplash that looks like diagonal rows.

Faux Tin Tile

Incorporate faux tin tile into your kitchen design. Cut and fit faux tin tile sheets into the wall space behind your stove or sink to create a modern backsplash. Choose silver metallic faux tin tiles because silver harmonizes with black granite. For a decorative addition, opt for faux tin tiles that have an embossed pattern or a floral design.

Light Gray Subway Tile

Subway tile is shaped like a brick and has a long rectangular structure. This type of tile is installed like brick, with each piece being slightly offset from the next. Choose light gray subway tile to color coordinate with black granite countertops. It is important to select light-colored subway tile because dark gray or slate tile is usually too dark for black countertops. Dark colors tend to shrink the appearance of the size of the kitchen.


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