Gas Grill Ignitor Won't Click

Gas Grill Ignitor Won't Click. Gas grills use ignitor systems to light the propane for their burners. If you have a gas grill, you probably have one of several different types of electrical ignitors, usually one for each burner that you use. These electrical ignitors click as they work, to light the gas by creating sparks. If your ignitor is not clicking, it is not producing the necessary current to operate and you need to inspect your electrodes for damage.

Ignitor problems can involve battery and alignment trouble.

Double Checking Grill

Before you begin, double check your entire grill. Turn off any electrical systems and turn them back on. If you have a snap jet ignitor, the grill will create one spark when you move the knob from off to the level of heat you want. You may need to hold the knob in place for a little while, until the electrodes start working. If nothing makes the ignitor click, you can move on to diagnosing a problem.


Alignment refers to how the electrodes are aligned with the rocker switch that operates them. If you remove the control panel and look at the ignitor, it should be correctly locked in place, depending on the type of configuration you have. If the ignitor is crooked or loose, reattach it and make sure all other components are mounted correctly.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues refer to the problems that the ignitor can have with electrical current. Some grills use a battery system to create ignition sparks. If your battery is damaged or dead, the ignition system will not work. Replace the battery and see if this solves the problem. The wiring leading to your ignitor might have also failed, which requires a more in-depth replacement.


Ignitors can become clogged over time. Sometimes the tips of the electrodes can be corroded. Sometimes moisture can condense on the electrodes and prevent them from correctly carrying a current. If this happens the electrodes will not be able to spark. Cleaning or replacing the electrodes can usually restore the grill to working condition.


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