Showers Made With Corian

Showers Made With Corian. Shower surfaces are made from a variety of materials, including glass blocks, tile and natural stone. DuPont creates kitchen and bathroom surfaces using a product called Corian. The smooth, continuous surface and appealing appearance of Corian make it an asset to the bathroom. By knowing about showers made with Corian, you can make educated choices in caring for your shower or choosing your next shower surface.

A Corian shower can add to the appearance of your bathroom.

What is Corian?

Invented in the 1960s, Corian revolutionized bathroom design and decor by providing one solid surface for the shower. Instead of installing the shower one tile at a time, and then finishing it off with the messy task of grouting, customers and professionals were given the option of one continuous surface. The smooth, streamlined surface of Corian is made with a combination of acrylic and natural minerals. This lends a natural stone appearance without the high maintenance needs. Because Corian can be molded into different shapes, it's versatile enough to use on a variety of surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.

Benefits of Corian

Corian offers benefits to the homeowner and installer. Deciding to redo your bathroom can be a big decision, especially when removing old shower tiles is involved. Corian shower surfaces can be installed directly over the old shower surface, thus reducing the workload considerably. Because Corian does not require grout and has a smooth surface, it makes cleaning much easier. Additionally, whether you want a simple shower surface or one with built-in shelves and spaces for holding bath products, Corian can be molded to suit your needs.


Corian is easily maintained; keeping it clean requires basic cleaning supplies and little effort, as long as you clean regularly. By drying the surface with a towel or squeegee after each use, you can cut cleaning time considerably. When your Corian shower surface has dirt or soap scum, a diluted ammonia solution is sufficient for cleaning. Stains left on the surface due to a hard water problem can be removed with commercial cleaners and a soft sponge. It's best to avoid abrasive metallic sponges when cleaning your Corian shower, as they can leave tiny scratches in the surface.

Dealing With Scratches

If the wrong cleansing tools have left minor scratches in the surface of your Corian shower, they can be smoothed with one of two recommended methods. Buffing the surface with a soft, abrasive cleanser can help blend tiny, hairline scratches into the surrounding surface. For surface scratches that don't respond to this method, DuPont makes a special set of abrasive pads that can be used in the recommended order to remove surface scratches.


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