Roomba Vacuum Model Differences

Roomba Vacuum Model Differences. Roomba vacuums, manufactured by iRobot, reduce the effort of housecleaning by automating the process of cleaning floors. Roombas are disc-shaped robotic vacuums that use sensors to determine a room's size and shape and then automatically travel around the room, vacuuming the entire floor. You can use Roombas on hard or soft floor surfaces. Depending on the model you select, your Roomba may cover multiple rooms or offer multiple cleaning settings. Should you like your robotic helper, you can also purchase similar robotic mopping and gutter cleaning devices from iRobot.

A Roomba makes vacuuming floors nearly effortless.

Professional Series

The 610 Roomba is iRobot's latest offering in its "professional" series, as of 2011. Instead of the standard 1-year warranty, iRobot offers a 2-year warranty for this professional version of the company's robotic vacuum. The 610 has three cleaning modes to remove 98 percent of all dirt and debris. This Roomba comes with multiple attachments, a high-capacity sweeper bin and a rugged case for accessories. The styling of the 610 stands out from the other Roombas; it has a textured cherry red cover. As of 2011, the 610 sells for around $600.

Pet Series

Roomba's "pet series" consists of three models, the 532, 562 and 572. The latter two models clean up to four rooms and allow automated scheduling. The 532 cleans up to three rooms and doesn't have the scheduling feature. It's the least expensive pet series Roomba, priced at $319.99 as of 2011. The 572 also features room-to-room navigation, making whole-house cleaning even easier. It costs $500. For $370, you can buy the mid-range 562 model. All three models come with special brushes to clear away pet hair.


The 510 is the most basic Roomba, available for $280 as of 2011. It cleans up to two rooms at a time and lacks some features that come standard on other models, such as automatic self-charging, scheduling or room-to-room navigation. A high-capacity bin is available separately.


The 530 has many of the same characteristics as the 510, with some advances and added conveniences. It can clean up to three rooms at one time, instead of two, and comes with automatic self-charging. As of 2011, it costs $300.


With the 560, Roomba offers the same features of the 530, plus a few additional functions and capabilities and a higher price tag, at $350, as of 2011. Notable features include automatic scheduling and coverage of up to four rooms at once, comparable to Roomba's highest-functioning models.


With the 570, iRobot offers its finest non-professional model, available for $450 as of 2011. The 570 comes with roughly the same basic features as the 572 pet-cleaning model, without its specialized brushes for pet hair or the included high-capacity bin. Like the 572, it has a black exterior, unlike the other models, which are off-white in color. As an improvement over the 560, the 570 includes room-to-room navigation.


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