Bistro Table Setting Ideas

Bistro Table Setting Ideas. Bistro table setting ideas should create tabletops with a simple yet trendy style. A bistro is a casual and small restaurant or tavern. Bistro establishments first popped up in France in the late 1800s and quickly spread across Europe. Modern bistro styles mix European influences and modern American styles to create casual themes with a relaxed yet indulgent feel.

Italian Table Settings

Use red-and-white checkered napkins with rounded silver flatware, white dishes, clear glasses and a candle-filled Chianti bottle in the middle of the table for a traditional Italian bistro style. Use napkins, flatware, plates and glasses with grapevine-patterned decorative edging and a grape-filled bowl for an outdoor Italian bistro theme.

Romantic Table Settings

Use warm colors and a candle-filled centerpiece to create a romantic setting. Set out simple red napkins folded into large rectangles and flower-patterned silver flatware with cream-colored resin handles. Add pink dishes with red and cream flower patterns, red-stemmed glasses and a pink candle holder with a cream candle for a Valentine’s day theme.

Traditional Table Settings

Use sleek silver flatware with thick metal or colorful resin handles. The plates and glasses should also be sleek and simple with smooth lines. Cover your bistro table with white linen napkins, silver-rimmed glasses and dishes for a minimalist style. Use peach linen napkins, white resin-handled flatware, peach glasses and peach-striped white dishes for a soft style. Use dark blue napkins with light blue glass dishes and flatware with wave-patterned handles for a traditional theme with a watery feel. You can also place a small dark blue glass vase in the center of the table and fill it with a floating white votive candle.

Whimsical Table Settings

Use white plates painted to look like cartoon faces to create a bistro table setting with a comical theme. Add some black resin-handled flatware, black napkins and white glasses to keep the focus on the colorful plates. If you don’t mind things looking a little carnival-themed, you can pair the painted plates with napkins, flatware and glasses in assorted bright colors. You can also add whimsy by combining unusual colors and patterns into a creative arrangement. Throw a lavender tablecloth over the table and set out some black and white checkered napkins. Add some flatware with checker-patterned handles, yellow dishes with black checkered rims, black glasses and a black vase with lavender, yellow, white and silvery-gray flowers.


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