Unique Shower Curtain Ideas

Unique Shower Curtain Ideas. Shower curtains are considered merely a bathroom accessory, yet they have the power to completely transform the style and look of your bathroom. Shower curtains are available in a wide selection of designs, patterns, styles and fabrics, but there are many ways to create unique shower curtains that are all your own. Before you settle for that store-bought curtain, check out these ideas and let your bathroom reflect your originality.

Your shower curtain can be as unique as you


Almost any type of fabric can be used as a shower curtain, although a liner is essential to protecting materials that aren't waterproof. You can even use a sheet if you want to. Most sheets have a folded top, and by removing the two short seams along the side, you can create the opening for the rod. With that in mind, you can take an old white sheet, a few rubber bands and your favorite color dye to create a fun tie-dye shower curtain. Before you start to wonder how on earth you'll find accessories to match a tie-dye curtain, just remember that tie-dye doesn't necessarily mean an explosion of multiple bright colors. You can use soft pink or even beige and allow the tie-dye technique to create a unique textured appearance.

Leather and lace

Leather can be used for a masculine- or western-themed bathroom. If your bathroom has limited ventilation, though, you may want to consider faux leather or vinyl because it's more resistant to humidity and water damage. Either way, a liner will be needed. Alternatively, you can use lace or eyelet for an ultrafeminine look. Combining white lace with a colored liner creates a unique layered effect.

Go glam

You can glam up your existing curtain by simply outlining the design or motif with jewels. You can attach the beads and jewels by either sewing or gluing them on. There are also tools, such as the BeDazzler, that will make this an easy project. You can also glam up the bathroom by making your own curtain using sequined or metallic fabric. You'll need a sewing machine to finish the ends and to create the loop at the top for the curtain rod. Standard shower curtains measure 72" x 72", so you'll need enough material for that size.


Again, a simple white or light-colored cotton sheet can be a canvas for creating your own personalized shower curtain. You can monogram your shower curtain by using fabric paint and letter cutouts to create stamps. Use your own computer and printer to create photos or images to put on your shower curtain. Use iron-on transfer paper to print them out, and simply iron them onto your shower curtain. Remember, print out the mirror image, otherwise it will appear as a mirror image when you iron it on.

Child's play

Let your kids participate in decorating their bathroom. Lay a white or light-colored sheet out flat and let them use fabric paint to make a collage of their handprints all over the curtain. You can also just get a bed sheet featuring their favorite cartoon character and use it as a shower curtain.


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