Neutral Interior Paint Colors

Neutral Interior Paint Colors. Homeowners often opt for neutral interior paint colors due to their flexibility when it comes to decorating. Neutral walls are the canvas, and you can decorate around them with colors and accessories. Neutral colors are also best if you are trying to sell your home. Deb Gorham, a real estate agent, says neutral colors lead to home sales and also photograph better for real estate listings.

Beige is a popular neutral interior paint color.

Pale Blue-Gray

One neutral color that you can use in your home is a pale blue-gray. This interior paint color is reminiscent of a light blue sky. It is a cool color and may not work if the rest of your home has warm tones. Many bold colors look excellent with the paint color. Decorate your home with rich orange- and red-colored picture frames, vases and throw pillows to enhance the neutral paint.


Beige has become synonymous with bland, but the variations that are available could change your mind. Some of them are a lighter beige, while others resemble the color of khaki pants. One of the benefits of beige paint is that it works with all types of decor, from traditional to modern, and it is a very calming color.

Pale Green

Pale green is a soft, cool neutral interior paint color. Choose a muted green, with less yellow in it, more of a moss or sage color. Pale green works as well in the living room as it does in the bedroom. It is particularly nice in a home that has a shabby-chic style or romantic interior design style.


Cream paint is ideal to make a room look larger and brighter. This is a warmer neutral color that will truly work with any decor and style of home. It is particularly good for small spaces, as it will make them look larger. Also, if you are going to sell your home, cream-colored paint is ideal because it goes with everything.


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