What Accent Colors Would Look Good with a Rich Pumpkin Color Wall?

What Accent Colors Would Look Good with a Rich Pumpkin Color Wall?. The bold statement of a pumpkin-colored accent wall demands the right balance of accent colors. This rich, saturated hue calls to mind terra cotta warm from the kiln or a desert sunset. So banish pastels and seek a color palette to complement your eye-catching wall. Equally at home with colonial white moldings or rich woodwork, pumpkin can be refined or Southwestern casual. Settle on a mood and proceed with that in mind.

Pair your pumpkin wall with suitable accents.

Navy and Silver

The opposite or complement to pumpkin orange on the color wheel is blue, the color that will make the most striking contrast. Deep, sophisticated navy upholstery or bedding with brushed-nickel picture frames and candlesticks will render your space rich and arresting. Accent pillows with rust or golden patterns on a field of navy fabric will tie the palette together nicely.

Rich Yellow

Evoke the sunflowers of Tuscany with a golden yellow to accent your pumpkin walls. Choose vibrant yellow bedding or upholstery and a jar of sunflowers (live or silk) on the table or dresser. The warmth and energy of the yellow and orange pairing creates a Mediterranean atmosphere. Adorn your walls with a single bold floral such as a Georgia O'Keeffe print or a strong accent such as a wrought-iron cross or gate.

Taupe and White

For a casual, sun-baked look, select a neutral taupe upholstery or bedding. Let your bright walls do the talking, while clusters of white photograph frames, seashells and candles add a seaside element to your decor. Find toss pillows with a rust or burnt sienna pattern on a white or taupe solid background. Place a white phaeleonopsis orchid or paperwhites in a tin bucket on the mantel or table to add lightness.


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