Mirror Ideas

Mirror Ideas. Mirrors have long been used to brighten up a home by bringing in more light and sparkle. Hang a large, plain mirror and you immediately create a magical "through-the-looking-glass" effect. However, there are a number of ways to use mirrors more imaginatively throughout your home. You can use mirrors outdoors to add mysterious "rooms" and beckoning pathways to a small yard or garden. Even broken, mirrors can be put to good use in craft projects.

Mirrors are wonderful for creating ambiance in a home.

Mosaic Mirrors

Mirror shards are a great way to liven up a mosaic. If you enjoy craft projects, then a Moroccan-style table top or wall panel---using colored tiles interspersed with pieces of broken mirror---is a good way to add interest to a sun-room.

Antique Mirrors

Old, spotted mirrors provide Old World charm. They are perfect for adding a Gothic touch to an interior. Collect old mirrors at flea markets and yard sales. Hang them in groups and in corners to create a cloudy, time-worn elegance. Do not worry about try matching the frames; mismatching plain and ornate mirrors is the epitome of shabby-chic.

Frame Decorating

Where mirrors are used in a themed room---such as a sea-shore inspired bathroom---decorating a plain mirror frame using sea shells, sea glass and small bits of driftwood will add to the seaside charm.

Mirroring a Window

Create a window effect by using a simple window frame in front of a large mirror. Fix a shelf beneath and put lots of plants on it. This works with large mirrors or small, and provides a glimpse into another world.

Mirrors in Unlikely Places

Add stick-on mirror tiles to walls in dark closets, pantries and cupboards to bring in light. Place a photo-framed mirror behind a lamp to increase light in a room. Use mirror tiles as place mats and coasters to bring sparkle to a festive dining table. Make sure they are made of safety glass, to prevent accidents. Brighten a dingy hallway by fixing mirrors to the ceiling to create a "skylight" effect.

Reflections in the Garden

Using mirrors in yards and gardens is magical. Large rectangular mirrors placed upright on walls can lead the viewer into thinking there is another garden beyond. Making a path toward the mirror heightens the effect. You can create windows in fences and on dull walls, which reflect and enhance the features of your yard. Keep them in shady places or the strong reflected light can damage plants.


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